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Pumpkin Pecan Mini Waffle Wax Melts | 2.7 oz.

Amazing scent!

Absolutely love this candle. I have this as a gift to co-workers for xmas. They all love it!


By far the BEST candles. The scents are amazing. The quality is amazing. The customer service is amazing. The packaging is amazing. Delivery was crazy fast. Thank you Kozie team!

Whiskey Weather | Wooden Wick Candle
Jacqueline Dees
Hostess Gift Success!

I used Kozie to send my hostess a sweet surprise after a wonderful weekend in chicago. Went over well!

Favorite Local, Clean Candle!

Kozie has quickly become my absolute favorite brand of candles to buy. Coming from someone who has tried just about every expensive (toxic and nontoxic) brand of candles on the market, this is by far the best. The scent “Driftwood” is my favorite and smells like nothing else I have ever had. On top of the scent being amazing, it truly smells up an entire room nicely, melts beautifully, and the wood wick is so soothing. I could rave all day about this candle and will continue to gift it to everyone I know!

White Ceramic Pumpkin Candle | 8 oz.
Fall AF!

If you want the most beautiful ceramic pumpkin with the most satisfying pumpkin scent this is the candle for you. It was shipped promptly and arrived with care from Kozie! I purchased 3 pumpkin candles from a chain store and this one so much better. Shop small and support this wonderful business!

Build-Your-Own Candle Tin Gift Set | Silver | 8 oz. total
Ianthe Mauro
Better than I imagined!

The packaging is gorgeous and the scents are divine! So luxurious and yet accessible. I’m in love.

Build-Your-Own Candle Tin Gift Set | Bronze | 8 oz. total
Kristin M.
Best candle purchase in a long time!

I am so happy that I ordered this gift set! My husband and I both really like the scents and they look so chic in our family room. I can’t wait to try new scents with future purchases!

*Puppy Love in All Shades - French Bulldog Wax Melt | 1.8 oz.
So Cute!

These wax melts are adorable. My frenchie sits exactly like this. The strawberry macaron smells incredible and fills the room. I have never seen melts like these before.

Love in All Shades Collection - Small Heart Wax Melts (Bag of 14) | 3.2 oz.
Tonya R
The perfect scent

I ordered Tuscan vineyard on a whim, or perhaps the wish of being off jetsetting to vineyards anywhere and enjoying sips of wine under the warm sun. These melts are the perfect mix of citrus and floral notes. An absolute delight!

Build-Your-Own Candle Tin Gift Set | Glacier White | 8 oz. total
Smells amazing!

Got them for my gf alongside some other gifts for Valentine’s Day

Build-Your-Own Candle Tin Gift Set | Glacier White | 8 oz. total
Great product!!!

Great product! Customer service was excellent!

Matte Black Wooden Wick Candle | 10.5 oz.
Lauren F
Incredible and unique scents. Can smell throughout the house.

I bought 2 large candles: Teakwood and Bamboo Forest, and a small Ember. I put the little ember one in my office area. I smelled it all day even though it wasn't lit. Immediately upon lighting the two large candles, their scent was so powerful that my brain’s memory center was activated and I felt as if I was reliving some sort of experience. Quality seems great and the candle jars are so nice that they go well on our mantle as a display piece with my marble candle set.

Build-Your-Own Candle Tin Gift Set | Bronze | 8 oz. total

My candles arrived quickly and packaged so nicely. They all smell so amazing! I can't wait to order more!

Happy Birthday! | Wooden Wick Candle
Alexander H
Fantastic Candle

Amazing smell, it is still burning. The crackle of the wick puts me and my wife to sleep most nights! 10/10 would recommend

Build-Your-Own Candle Tin Gift Set | Crimson Red | 8 oz. total
Matt L
Favorite candles

Really like the thicker wicks. The White Birch scent is our favorite!

Bamboo Forest | Wooden Wick Candle
Thomas K
Love, love these.

So happy I found you on Instagram. The candle sets made such perfect gifts for the holidays. The larger candles I got for myself had such lovely scents. Everything was packaged so impressively.

Build-Your-Own Candle Tin Gift Set | Bronze | 8 oz. total
Noah S
Loved it!

Candles smelled great. I love the wood wicks, they give a nice crackling sound in addition to the great scent.

Matte Black Wooden Wick Candle | 10.5 oz.
Justine B

I love this candle! It’s beautifully made and the Pistachio Macaroon smells amazing! One of my favorite scented candles I’ve ever purchased.

Matte Black Wooden Wick Candle | 10.5 oz.
Shawna M
Wooden Wicks Rock

I love the sound, light, and scent of Kozie candles! The matte black jar is elegant, heavy quality. This is my first time to use a wooden wick. I could smell “Evening Ember” all the way down the hall and wafting into the stairwell, yet it wasn’t overpowering in the room. Definitely recommend!

Build-Your-Own Candle Tin Gift Set | Glacier White | 8 oz. total

First time buyer at this shop, and I loved absolutely everything about my experience! Amazing customer service, quick shipping (and oh my gosh the smell when opening my package - yum!), and delightful products in the cutest packaging. I bought these goodies for stocking stuffers, but now I just want to keep everything for myself!!

Build-Your-Own Candle Tin Gift Set | Metallic Grey | 8 oz. total
Gregory B
Great candles.

A great was to test out the variety of scents. High quality products indeed!

Matte Black Wooden Wick Candle | 10.5 oz.
Beautiful candle

The jar, presentation and scent (Evening Ember) are all beautiful! This is my favorite fireside-esque scent that I’ve come across. Just like my first order, quick shipping and great customer service. Johanna goes above and beyond.

Build-Your-Own Candle Tin Gift Set | Bronze | 8 oz. total

I am in love with these candles! They look/ burn great (love the crackling wood wick), tins and packaging are adorable, and most importantly they smell amazingggg. Pistachio macaroon and coastal cactus are my favs- as a fellow candle maker, I especially appreciate how unique these scents are! Will definitely order more in the future.

Matte Black Wooden Wick Candle | 10.5 oz.
Pistachio Macaroon

This may be the best smelling candle in the world?? Sweet, almond-y, but not overpowering. I will definitely be getting more while they are in stock.